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Product Design

Design is everywhere – opportunities are endless, and literally shape the world around you.

Design is everywhere – opportunities are endless, and literally shape the world around you. This is an exciting opportunity to develop and enjoy the creative aspect of design within an enjoyable and stimulating course whilst allowing your innovative style to take root. Opportunities for design are closely linked to the real world of product manufacture, and have a three-dimensional outcome. Product Design has many strands and leads to so many vocational paths. This country really needs, now more than ever, fantastic designers to lead the pathway in innovations.

You will study design knowledge, and learn to use manufacturing skills, propose prototype and concept solutions to designing situations. You will use a range of graphic and resistant materials.

“This is a great subject and is leading me towards my future career in Architecture. Learning about structures that surround me, how they are designed, their advantages and disadvantages in our world and how we can make them better is just so interesting” Student.


Key Stage 4

This stimulating course provides opportunities for students to carry out design-based activities that focus specifically on visual impact, communication and manufacture.  Students will need to work in both two and three dimensions and will be expected to develop and communicate their ideas linked to problems set.  A three-dimensional outcome using semi-resistant materials will be produced for external moderation.

Techniques used will include computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacture (CAM), freehand drawing, technical illustrations and working drawings.  These may then be enhanced with other appropriate media.  A final idea may take the form of a prototype or scale mode constructed using a range of modelling materials.   Technical drawing skills and the understanding of formal ‘drawing language’ form part of the course.  Using CAD CAM to design and manufacture through the Laser cutter, 3d printer giving a high level professional finish to the modelling.

The materials area will appeal to anyone who enjoys the creative process of design.  Imaginative ideas can be communicated in drawing, models or computer simulations.  With a 3 dimensional physical outcome.

This is an excellent GCSE for all students with creative and computer design skills and ambitions, using resourceful creativity to problem solve, project manage and devise inspired original design solutions. 


Method of Assessment

Exam Board: Edexcel

Exam 50%

Coursework 50%

Students will complete a single project for final assessment

A design portfolio and practical realisation must be completed, to satisfy the exam criteria.

A terminal examination tests theory and subject knowledge. 


Pathways after Year 11

AS and A2 Product Design and St Edward’s follows on from GCSE Technology.  This is an ideal course for students who intend to pursue a career in Architecture, Graphic design, Product design, Engineering, Surveying and design linked courses such as Animation. The processes of design and the systematic planning of product manufacture is a key areas in all fields of employment. This is an ideal base for University degrees, Vocational courses and Apprenticeships in a vast array of technical based industries, especially those involved with CAD CAM.


Course Contact

Mrs J Morris

Technology Subject Leader

St Edward’s School Term Dates

St Edward’s School Term Dates