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KS4 Pathways sets out the courses available to all students in Years 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4) and is designed to help students make the right decisions.

As students look forward to joining Year 10 and beginning their examination courses, it is important that they choose the courses which are right for them. They must think very carefully about choosing which route would best enable them to progress to the next stage of their education or training beyond Year 11.

Having a genuine interest and enthusiasm in a subject is always a sound basis from which to start their selection. The choices are for students, parents and carers to make decisions together. Students should not choose a particular course because they get on well with a teacher or because a friend chooses it. The chances are that they will have different teachers and may not be in the same class as their friends.

As you may be aware the education system in this country has undergone a period of dramatic change.  However, we remain focussed on providing a broad and balanced curriculum offer that allows personalisation for individual aspirations. The KS4 curriculum continues to provide vital skills and abilities preparing our students for adult life. It instils the expectations of high standards for all.

Currently students will achieve the English Baccalaureate standard, when they gain a grade 4 (standard pass), or grade 5 (strong pass) or better in GCSE English, maths, science, a modern foreign language and either geography or history. Our recommendation is that if there is a reasonable possibility that your child will want to go to one of the more established Universities and study an academic subject, they should seriously consider these particular subjects as they will have an advantage if they have a GCSE in a modern foreign language and a GCSE in either geography or history.

Each student receives a personalised letter, making some recommendations for their KS4 curriculum.

I hope that you will find it useful as you make these important decisions. Please remember that our independent careers advisor is available to your child for advice and support; and we as a school also subscribe to advisor online which gives online careers advice to both parents, carers and students.

In Year 10 and 11, all students study a core curriculum. Students then have three ‘Pathway Choices’.  In line with the increased national focus on the EBacc, we are keen to ensure that as many students as possible take a foreign language to GCSE level. As a result, we have strongly recommended around half of the year group choose a language as one of their option choices.

Please bear in mind that the decision for your son or daughter to take a language in year 10 and 11 has been made in conjunction with MFL staff and is based on current projections, and is often marginal; so if you have any questions at all regarding the curriculum model or whether language study to GCSE is the best option for your son or daughter, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Lenarduzzi, subject leader for MFL or your son or daughter’s current MFL teacher.

For a small number of students, we have suggested ASDAN, additional literacy, numeracy or our BTEC in personal and social development. Each of these choices would also take up one option block.

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