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BTEC Sport

Here at St Edward’s we offer students the opportunity to study sport and exercise as a nationally recognised qualification.

Here at St Edward’s we offer students the opportunity to study sport and exercise as a nationally recognised qualification. The course units concentrate on introducing the science of performance, including coaching and leadership skills. The course will also develop your performance and understanding of a number of sports and activities, wherever possible unpinning theory will also be demonstrated in a practical context. Assessment takes the form of a 25% online exam, the rest as a range of assignments, observations, interviews and practical assessments. Units covered include core units Fitness for Sport and Exercise and Practical Sports Performance, followed by Training for Personal Fitness and Leading Sports Activities. Students are encouraged to become independent, organised learners as well as enjoying an interest in the skills and fitness elements behind sports and activities. This qualification is recognised by Higher education establishments and allows students to progress onto advanced level qualifications and a future in the many jobs that exist in the sports industry.


Key Stage 4

The new BTEC Firsts are a level 2 qualification (equivalent to one GCSE) graded at Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction*.  There is also an opportunity for learners to gain a level 1 qualification.  This new suite of BTEC First qualifications will offer learners:

  • an understanding of how organisations in sport operate
  • the key skills required to work in the industry
  • and key concepts and principles related to the world of sport

Whilst some of the course is practically based there is a requirement that students present their ongoing assessment material in electronic form, so access to ICT at home and in school is essential.  Internal assessment can be in a variety of forms, from projects, portfolio’s, planning, recording and evaluating evidence, completion of activity/practical diaries, refereeing/coaching qualifications, first aid qualification, written reports, witness testimony and observation records to name but a few.

It is a course that is designed to create pathways for a variety of students that have a passion for sport and are possibly looking to pursue their involvement beyond the age of 16.


Method of Assessment

Exam Board: Edexcel

On line exam: 25% Mandatory unit

Internal assessment: 75% spilt across 3 units.


Pathways after Year 11

A Level options: AS/A Level PE studies, BTEC level 3 Subsidiary diploma in Sport

Progression routes: Degree level – teaching, coaching and physiology courses.

Careers: PE teacher, Coach, Management in the leisure industry, Sports Events organiser, participant as an athlete, Physiotherapist, Sports Psychologist, Sports Nutritionist, Sports Development and Coaching manager within the City Council, working with disabled performers and young people.


Course Contact

Mr S Pope

PE Subject Leader

08.35 Students allowed on site

08:45 - 09:10 Tutor Time

09:15 - 10:10 Period 1

10:15 - 11:10 Period 2

11:10 - 11:35 BREAK

11:40 - 12:35 Period 3

12:40 - 13:35 Period 4

13:35 - 14:10 LUNCH

14:15 - 15:15 Period 5

16:30 Students off site

St Edward’s School Term Dates

St Edward’s School Term Dates