Senior Leadership Team

To contact the Senior Leadership Team, please email Rebecca Harris, PA to Headteacher/Senior Leadership Team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Headteacher: Mr M Antram

Deputy Headteacher: Mr C Barnett

Mr I Henry: Assistant Headteacher responsible for Key Stage 5 & Year 11

Mr A Bousfield: Assistant Headteacher responsible for Key Stage 4, year 9 and 10, and Pastoral

Mr C Farrow: Assistant Headteacher responsible for Key Stage 3, year 7 and 8

Mrs M Lane: Business and Premises Manager


Support Staff Management Team

Rebecca Harris: PA to Headteacher and SLT

Estelle Kinzett: HR and Admissions Manager

Pete Smith: IT and Network Manager

Mark Taylor: Exams Officer

Karen Lord: Catering Manager 

Stacey Ricketts: Site Manager


Year Leaders

Year 7: Mr Mike Wood

Year 8: Mr Luke Kemish

Year 9: Mrs Sue Bland

Year 10: Mr Alex Duell

Year 11: Mr Nick Howes

Sixth Form: Mrs Catherine Murphy-Parry



Heather Ayres


Subject Leaders

Ms Mel Biggs - Joint Subject Leader
Mrs Cathy Morris - Joint Subject Leader

Business Studies:
Mr Colin Kilpatrick

Mr Christiaan Murray

Ms Giselle Sinnott

Mrs Sarah Eden-Ellis - Subject Leader
Mrs Linda Williams - Assistant Subject Leader

Mr Craig Major

Mr Jeff Adams

Mr Joseph Hulme - Subject Leader
Mr Keith Newman - Assistant Subject Leader
Mr Josh Brown - Assistant Subject Leader

Modern Foreign Languages:
Mr Matthew Lenarduzzi

Mr Justin Sloan

Mr Sam Pope - Subject Leader
Miss Hayley Marsh - Assistant Subject Leader

Mr Chris Farrow 

Mr Stuart Keene - Subject Leader
Mr Steve Dell - Assistant Subject Leader

Mrs Kathryn D'Arcy