"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." Alby E

A recent study from the University of Nottingham has shown that studying A level Mathematics adds 11% to the salary of a worker by the time they are 34 years old.  No other A level increased wages in this way.  The skills gained from studying a science technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) subject at A level or degree level are in demand by employers.  Graduates with STEM degrees earn on average 5% to 10% higher salaries than the mean for all graduates.  These subjects are underpinned by mathematics.  Having a broad mathematical knowledge and secure technical ability will help the transition from Sixth Form to higher education.  Not only is maths useful for other things it is infinitely interesting in its own right. At the heart of mathematics is the study of patterns and everyone can find comfort in patterns be it art, music, literature, science or anything else for that matter.

A level Maths provides students with a thorough grounding in the mathematical tools and techniques often needed in the workplace.  The logic and reasoning skills developed by studying A level Maths make sure the qualification is widely respected even in non-mathematical arenas.

Course Content

The new A Level course is a two year linear course which covers pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics. We follow the Edexcel specification, which is assessed by three exams at the end of the course. Two of these exams focus on the pure mathematics and the other focuses on mechanics and statistics.

Where the course leads:

Employers are actively seeking mathematics students whether a school leaver; or graduate, their problem solving and analytical skills are highly valued.  Many universities consider AS Mathematics an excellent asset.  It is one of the few AS level subjects which has a great deal of value in its own right.

Entry Requirements

Grade 7 at GCSE (Grade 6 is considered under special circumstances)

Course Contact

Mr Joseph Hulme

Subject Leader Maths