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History is a subject that gives us the opportunity to delve into the past, to study rulers and regimes seemingly far removed from the world we live in today. However, by learning about what has come before, we develop a much clearer understanding of the present and are able to identify patterns and themes that are both consistent and increasingly repetitive. Our teachers have a broad range of interests ranging from Early Modern British History to Twentieth Century World History and this is reflected in the topics delivered with passion in our Sixth Form. The course follows the OCR specification.

Course Content

Unit 1 - British History Study - assessed in an examination and is worth 25% of the final A Level. Current topic: 'The Stuarts and the English Civil Wars, 1603-1660'. (OCR Unit Y108)

Unit 2 - Non-British History Study: assessed in an examination and is worth 15% of the final A Level. Current topic: 'The Cold War in Europe, 1941-1995'. (OCR Unit Y223)

Unit 3 - Thematic Study: assessed in an examination and is worth 40% of the final A Level. Current topic: 'Russia and its Rulers, 1855-1964'. (OCR Unit 318)

Unit 4 - A 3,000 - 4,000 word essay on a topic of your choice makes up 20% of the final grade. This is an opportunity to explore an area of history that is of personal interest and is excellent preparation for further education or research.

Where the course leads

Historians are welcomed into a broad range of jobs requiring an inquisitive mind, self-discipline, creativity, analytical thinking and an understanding of the world. An essay based subject, History is highly thought of by top universities offering competitive courses such as International Relations, Law, Politics and more. A-Level History prepares students well for higher education, apprenticeship and job interviews by honing their speaking and listening skills. Potential career opportunities are varied from journalism, media, politics and business to the art world, civil service and teaching.  

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 or above in English Language/Literature and/or History

Course Contact

Mrs Sara Sinaguglia

History Subject Leader