English Literature at A Level is engaging and challenging. Students will be encouraged to think critically and analytically about their reading and will become immersed in the worlds of a wide range of texts, from classic to contemporary.

Students who choose this course should be very interested in literature: drama, poetry, novels and short stories.  The course aims to enable you to discuss and analyse major texts of both contemporary and past literature. You will also consider how texts have been interpreted by different readers at different times, and look at the context in which writers produce their work.  You should be ready for a good deal of independent reading and note-taking.  There are twelve texts overall, though not all are directly tested.

The course gives students an insight into key literary influences on our culture and society, and is well considered by colleges and universities, as the course requires that students develop as skillful, reflective readers and concise exploratory writers. These skills are highly prized in all kinds of further studies and careers.

This course requires that students complete two exams, each worth 40% and one piece of coursework worth 20%.  The exams focus on drama and poetry, and a comparative and contextual study.  

Course Content

Component 1 - Drama and Poetry pre - 1900

Externally assessed.  2 hours and 30 minutes.  40% of total qualification

Component 2 - Comparative and Contextual Study

Externally assessed.  2 hours and 30 minutes.  40% of total qualification

Component 3 - Coursework

Internally assessed, externally moderated.  20% of total qualification.

Exam Code: OCRH474

Where the course leads:

English literature A level is an essential subject for an English degree.  The Russell Group informed choices guide further recommends English Literature for: Classical Studies; French and other Modern Languages; Teacher training; History; History of Art; Politics; Religious Studies.  Post 16 study of English Literature can lead to careers in media, journalism, publishing, teaching and academic careers, advertising and marketing, law and business and accounting

Entry Requirements

Minimum of Level 5 at GCSE, Level 6 preferred.

Course Contact

Mrs J Mottaghi

Subject Leader English