"Business should be a compulsory subject as it's great." Student

Business is different from any other A level.  It looks at a wide range of inter-related topical issues and ideas such as the impact of Brexit on UK business.  It is a study in breadth as well as depth.  This course has many vocational and practical aspects and fully develops the critical thinking required to develop students into good managers and leaders.  It is a course that can easily be related and applied to the world around us.  Highlights of the year include trips to complement the classroom teaching.  Visits to local businesses such as Urban Reef restaurant and Purbeck Ice Cream provide realism to the studies.  Talks from companies such as Lush allow students to contextualise learning and listen to leaders in their field.  We also successfully take part in the national Young Enterprise competition where the students set up their own business.

Course Content

Four components will be studied over the two year A Level course.

Component 1 - Marketing and People

Component 2 - Managing Business Activities

Component 3 - Business Decisions and strategies

Component 4 - Global Business

Exam Code: 9BS0/8BS0

Where the course leads

As well as providing a solid grounding in business and macroeconomic issues, students have in the past gone on to study Accountancy, economics and Business Studies at degree level.  Opportunities for Apprenticeships in Banking, IT, Accountancy and Human Resources have also proved to be a popular career path.

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE English and Mathematics

Grade 5 in GCSE Business if taken

Course Contact

Mr C Kilpatrick

Business Subject Leader