"Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit" Stefan B

Have you ever wondered what is happening when your calculator displays "Maths Error"?  Or what would happen if you could square root a negative number?  Further maths is where you find out.  The course studies mathematics at a deeper level where the connections between apparently disparate topics emerge such as complex numbers and trigonometry.  Many people don't see maths as creative or elegant but how can a subject which can create the identity below through 20,000 years of collective mathematical study and advancement not be?

Course Content

We offer both AS and A Level further maths.  The course will cover pure mathematics and mechanics in more depth as well as the mathematics behind algorithms.  We follow the OCR B (MEI) specification (AS H635, A Level H645).  These courses are assessed by 3 exams at AS and four exams at A Level.

Where the course leads

An AS or A level in Further Mathematics demonstrates a highly logical mind and is consequently seen as a valuable asset by universities and employers in many fields.  Courses and careers that either require Further Maths or are strongly related include Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Accountancy, Physics, Computing and many others.

Entry Requirements

Grade 8/7 at GCSE Mathematics

You must study A Level Mathematics to study AS or A Level Further Mathematics

Course Contact

Mr Joseph Hulme

Subject Leader Maths